Monday, February 20, 2006

Treinta Anos Feliz

As promised, I wanted to post the pics from Helen's birthday party and to the surprise Girls' Night Out we had this past weekend.

Last Saturday was the party at Helen's house. All of her friends and family were there to wish her a Happy 30th! It was so much fun to all get together again.

Helen and Addie spending some together time (a.k.a. "meal time") before the party

No, Uncle Steve! You don't hold me like Daddy!

The Crew: Hang, moi, Shelley, Molly, Lashlee, Amy, and Helen with baby Addie

Hang and Amy

Nate had surprised Helen by asking all of us to write down special thoughts or memories of our times with her over the years, so he could put them all together in a memory book for her. She got to see what we had come up with. I think she was really surprised!

The theme of the party was, of course, Mexican - so one of my additions to the party was Helen's Party Hat (the sombrero) and I saw a little tiny one at the store for Addie too - I couldn't resist!

The Maloney Family

Momma Helen and Addie in matching FiestaWear!

Our little sleeping bebe!

All of the girls escaped to one of the back bedrooms for some silly "girl time" while the guys hung out as well. It was so much fun! We felt like we were back in junior high again!

The party was definitely a success!

Okay, on to Friday night at El Porton. It was a surprise for Helen - another Girls' Night Out, her first without Addie. It was soooo much fun!

They've recently redone the restaurant, so the demand was even higher than ever for a table (hard to imagine!). While we waited 2.5 hours by the bar, we were surprised by a sighting of David Gest. Of course Hang was the brave one, and asked for his pic. Nothing like a pic with a C-List celebrity at a Mexican place in Memphis!

The Group with Gest: Ellen, Cat, David, Helen, moi, Amy, Molly and Lashlee

Gest and Hang, the brave one!

Of course the evening got sillier as the margaritas flowed! We had such a wonderful time, telling crazy stories and reminiscing.

Helen (the birthday girl) and Shelley

Moi and Amy

Carrie and Lashlee

Hang and moi

Cat and Molly

One of the things that they do at El Porton for your birthday is bring you a dessert, sing Feliz Cumpleanos, and then smash your face with a bit of whipped cream. Well, Cat knows the workers so she had requested an extra-special version for Helen.

It was going fine until...

Smack! Two plates at one time!

Poor Helen!

She didn't take it very well - I mean, who wants to spend the rest of the night picking Cool Whip out of their hair? - but it was a good excuse for a laugh. Shelley was a trooper and helped do some of the cleaning.

What a friend!

Helen tried to get Cat back but she moved too quickly

After a while, Lashlee started to feel bad for Helen so she slathered her own head with some cheese dip. Is that a true friend or what!? :)

That Lash, you gotta love her!
And look at Hang! Think she was shocked!?

Overall, it was a wonderful night. We always have a blast when we get together! We're trying to plan a Girls' Night Sleepover soon. I hope that gets kicked into gear before too long!

This week and the following week are full of celebrations for Lance's 28th birthday (and Reed's)! Tomorrow we're having dinner with Reed and Elin at Texas de Brazil (yum!) and on Monday, their actual birthday, we're getting together with their parents. Should be a good time!!

Plus, I've got a couple of tricks up my sleeve... so I'll have to write about those later. Can't wait to celebrate with Lance!

God Bless!


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