Saturday, August 08, 2009

Recipe Inspiration

Hello blog readers ~ it's been a long time!

I won't make any excuses. I really have missed sharing our lives with you. Somehow the everyday, hum-drum stuff that Lance and I do doesn't seem like it's interesting enough to share, but I've realized that we live such blessed lives and that we should feel happy to share our laughter and triumphs and even our mundane stories with everyone that we love :)

The project that Lance and I will begin next week has been inspired by the movie "Julie and Julia". We both love to cook, and have always had more fun when we can share the experience together. After seeing the commercial for this movie over and over again, we decided that it would be so much fun for us to try our own cooking experiment. So we spent last Sunday at the bookstore, picking out a cookbook that we both loved - and starting next week, we will cook every single recipe in the book, from start to finish! And it's an American Heart Association cookbook, so we are happy about the fact that every meal we are making is healthy and good for us.

We are both very excited about it! We've gotten stuck in a rut at dinner - we always seem to cook the same meals over and over again - so we hope that this project will help us try some new flavor combinations and introduce some new regulars into our dinner routine.

We've decided that since the cookbook is divided into categories (appetizer, soups, salad, chicken, pork, etc.) it would be best to go a different route than literally first to last. We'll begin with the first recipe in each category, going from front to back, then start over again at the front. This will keep things interesting - and also keep us from having soup three weeks in a row :)

We figure we'll average maybe three recipes from this cookbook a week, and in-between we'll stick to our tried-and-true family recipes. Some of these new recipes call for some pretty unique and not-so-frugal ingredients, so we think it's best to spread them out.

Our official first meal will be next Monday. I can't wait to share with each of you how the first meal goes! I'm going to try to make a habit of documenting some of the meals through pictures so you can see how everything turns out - or doesn't turn out, which I assume will happen at least a few times! Lance and I have pledged to each other to try every single meal, no matter what - I'll even eat mushrooms and peas, and Lance has promised to try peppers and onions.

This will be a fun experiment and we can't wait to do this together. I have the most wonderful husband who happens to also be my best friend, and it's a true blessing to get to share our lives with each of you through this blog.

Love to you all!

-JessWill :)