Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Sweet One Year Old

Such a big boy!

Since Andrew has been a one year-old for all of 5 days now, I thought it was time for another update:

Mornings: You are so happy in the mornings! We've been letting you sleep in a little later so you almost never wake up on your own -- it's such a treat to get to wake you up every day. You rub those sweet eyes and grin at me when you realize it's time to start your day! We watch "Oswald" every morning together while you drink your bottle. I love this time with you!

Bedtime: You are such a great night time sleeper! We put you in your bed around 7:00, and you sit in your bed reading your bedtime books until you're ready to sleep. It usually only takes 10 or 15 minutes before you give in and snuggle up with your blanket to rest. We are so thankful to be past that not-so-fun phase where you did NOT like going to sleep at night!

Naps: You're still not a consistent napper. This is the one area you need to work on (it wouldn't be fair to everyone else if you were totally perfect, right?) :) You definitely give in when you absolutely have to, but most days you're content with a couple half-hour naps.

Food: You still love your food (just like your Momma and Daddy!). You eat everything we eat at home, and we can go to any restaurant and find something you'll like. You are not very subtle when you're done eating -- when food starts a' flyin' we know dinner time is over :)

Developmental Milestones & Firsts: The week you were in Texas with your YaYa, you grew into a little boy! You are now walking everywhere (when you left, you were taking as many as 10-15 steps at a time). You still fall sometimes, when you get too excited and your head gets ahead of your body :) But overall you're doing really great! You are talking up a storm all the time too. Even though most of what you says sounds like gibberish to us, we know you're saying something very important!

Favorite Toys: Books are still your all-time fave. You can sit for an entire hour, thumbing through your books and "reading" them. You don't seem to have favorites -- every night you choose something different for us to read to you before bedtime.

Sizes: You are wearing 18-month clothes. A lot of your shorts may not fit you too much longer! Thankfully some generous family members gave us some cute clothes for your birthday, so we have some 24-month stuff waiting in the wings!

Momma's Final Thoughts: I am still in denial that your birthday has come and gone! I am in awe of how much better my life is with you in it. I can barely remember not having you as a part of our family. You are such a happy, joyful, exuberant little boy! I can't wait for your birthday party this weekend here in Memphis with our family and friends.

Kisses, my sweet sweet boy!