Thursday, August 17, 2006

This World of Ours

Isn't the Age of Technology just wonderful??

I was just thinking about how many of my friends have websites/blogs. I love that at any moment I can catch up with what's going on in their lives (assuming, of course, they keep the sites updated). Hopefully they're better at posting than I am!

Do you even remember the days before the internet?

Before email?

Before webcams and chat rooms and Google?

I honestly don't know how I kept up with everybody so well before email came about. I guess I was a much better phone-talker then. I would so much rather send an email than pick up the phone and call somebody... Don't know why, I guess it's that "instant gratification" thing.

Plus, I can do it at work without everybody hearing my conversation :)

My new nephew has his own website ( - and I've so enjoyed checking every day for new pics and a new journal entry from Erica.

When Lance and I planned our wedding, we absolutely loved having our own wedding website (which is active til October, by the way - whooda thunk??). It was a wonderful way for people - in town or out of town - to keep updated with our plans. I loved that so many people left us guestbook entries - it made us feel connected to people while we were in the middle of wedding planning chaos.

Anyway, that was my Random Thought for the day...

Thanks to those of you who made it to the end of my rambling blog. You deserve a cookie - and I'm not even talking about a fat-free low-carb cookie - a gooey, chocolatey, sugary treat. That's how awesome you are :)

Til next time...

-JessWill :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

August Already???

Wow... I really can't believe that the summer is almost over! Although I must admit I'm soooo ready for fall to be here - I can't take any more of these 100-degree days. I've had some hot summers before but I think this one takes the cake. Ick!

Okay, so we've got a lot of catching up to do...

First of all, our new nephew Quentin is six weeks old! Erica's officially back at work this week, so they're working on their new schedule. Fortunately, she and Joe picked the World's Best Babysitter so they feel happy with where he spends his days. I know that is such a relief to them!

We had a lot going on the past month. Where to start...

I got to hang out with my girlfriends several times (dinner with Barbara, an old CSG buddy; happy hour and karaoke night this past Friday with the girls to celebrate Hang's birthday). I am blessed with the absolutely best girlfriends - I thank God every day for each and every one of them. My life in Memphis would not be complete without them!

We also had a lot of family time with the Willises - Lance's great great aunt Gladys was in town and we enjoyed a nice visit with her. I want to be as smart and happy and thankful when I'm 97!! We even got to have dinner and see a movie with Reed two weeks ago. For those of you who don't know, that's a rare occurence - his schedule is always crazy - so Lance and I enjoyed catching up on his life. We had dinner with Lance's folks one night last week, and got to spend this past Sunday evening with the whole fam - parents and bro Reed. That doesn't happen very often, all of us together, so that was a blessing!

Lance and I had some wonderful times together this past month too - some fun days, some romantic dinners - but every day we're together is better than the day before!

This Saturday we're meeting everybody for breakfast club - we missed last month so we can't wait. What a great idea Helen had for us all to get together every month. Now that folks are having babies, weekends are much easier than weeknights since our schedules are all so different. Can't wait to catch up with everybody!

Well, that's about all for now. I'll post recent pics of Quentin when I can get to it. They're about to shut down Blogger for maintenance in 2 minutes - so I don't have time. Hopefully tomorrow.

Til next time...

-JessWill :)