Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Year Older

Well, this past week we've had some great get-togethers for Lance's birthday. He says he feels soooo old now - because he's closer to being a Senior Citizen than he is to birth.

That's over-analyzing, don't ya think? :)

Anyway, Friday night we started out with dinner at Texas de Brazil with Reed (Lance's twin bro) and his girlfriend Elin. It was really good to finally meet her and get to know her a little better. The food was yummy - although I know we would've never gone had we not gotten a buy one, get one free coupon. I'm just not enough of a meat eater to spend that kind of money on food!

As a surprise for the guys' birthday, I had called ahead to request birthday dessert to be brought out at the end of our meal. I made sure they knew that there were two birthday boys and that it was supposed to be a secret. Well, we got to the restaurant to check in, and they wouldn't seat us until Reed and Elin got there. They were running late, so the hostess went ahead and seated us after 15 minutes. As soon as we got to the table, the waiter said, "So, this is the table with the twin birthdays, right??" Luckily, Lance was on his cell phone talking to Reed so he hadn't heard. I was so glad that the surprise hadn't been ruined!! I had to pull the waiter aside to explain that it was a secret - that's when he glanced back down to his notes and realized he'd missed that part of it. He was so apologetic. Luckily when the desserts came at the end of the meal the guys were surprised. They even had birthday candles to blow out! Of course we could barely eat them - we'd been eating meat for two hours - but they were so good!

So, that was Birthday Celebration #1.

Yesterday, on Lance's actual birthday, I definitely had some tricks up my sleeve! I woke him up with a card and a gift certificate to his favorite clothing store. He's been needing a new pair of pants so I thought that would be a good gift (can you tell we're married now? a pair of pants as a birthday gift??) :) Then, unbeknownst to him, I got him some balloons and roses over lunch and delivered them to his desk at work. He's working at clients' offices during the day, and only is at his office in the evenings, so it was supposed to be waiting for him as a surprise until he got there around 5:30. Well, apparently some of the guys in his office don't know what a secret is, because by 2:00 he had gotten 2 emails from folks telling him what was waiting for him. Argh!!! I tried so hard. Of course Lance was still thankful and kept saying, "But babe, I won't know what KIND of flowers they are until I see them in person!!" It was still a little disappointing to know that the surprise had been ruined, but he really liked them and is keeping them on his desk all week.

Then last night we met up with Lance's parents, his aunt Helen and uncle Dick, and Reed to celebrate with a Family Birthday Dinner. We had some yummy food and the guys got some really good gifts. The family was really creative and got Lance things off of our wedding registry that hadn't been purchased for us. He's finally starting to accumulate all of those tools he really wanted!

Anyway, this week it's back to the grindstone and Lance and I won't have much time together, but on Saturday night I'm taking him out to dinner again to celebrate. Lance has never really had a big deal made out of his birthday, but I keep telling him it's important to remember that it's supposed to be all about you! I told him I'm glad that we've been able to stretch out the celebrations a little bit longer than just one day. It only happens once a year, so we should go all out!

I have some pics to share from Birthday Week, but I'll have to add them later.

I feel so blessed to have Lance - and pray that we'll have 70 more birthdays to spend together.


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