Tuesday, May 08, 2012

School Happenings

Andrew is blessed to attend the very best preschool in Memphis (I'm not biased at all, hehe). We are so grateful he is so well-taken care of, and loved by every teacher there.

Recently one of the school directors sent out links to photos that had been taken at several school events this spring. Each parent had a chance to browse the images, looking for pics of their own kiddos.

I wanted to share a few faves of our sweet little man!


Petting Zoo Day
Braving a ride on the big horse.
His face here makes me laugh -- he's holding on for dear life!

Easter Egg Hunt Day
Class picture with all of his sweet friends and their Easter loot.
Thanks, Ms. L and Ms. J for loving our boy so much!

Hunting for eggs to fill his cool Elmo basket.

Trike-A-Thon Day
Jumping for joy with his friends at school.

It was so fun for me to get a peek into what a day at school is like for Andrew, since of course I'm not there to see it for myself. We always knew he loved his teachers and his friends, but seeing his big smile in these pictures is so comforting to me!

Kisses kisses, my sweet boy!

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Jenn said...

oh my word! the trike-a-thon is hilarious! that pic makes me so happy!!!