Monday, March 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I'm supposed to share 10 weird or quirky things about me. Oh gosh, how in the world am I supposed to narrow it down to 10?!? :)

1. I hate feet. Absolutely hate them. I have a hard time wearing flip-flops because I know that's forcing the rest of the world to look upon mine. Wonder whose God-awful feet traumatized me as a child?

2. I have to sleep at night with the TV on. I used to have the sound on too - just loud enough to hear, but not loud enough that I could understand what was being said (because of course I would just lay in bed and watch TV). But Lance got me to agree to mute it while we sleep. I don't know, I guess it's like having a night light?

3. I have to park on a certain side at Sonic. Somebody told me this was "the cool side." I don't know about that... all I know is that I have to be facing the direction of the street. Don't ask me why - these are quirks for a reason.

4. I can't eat anything off of a bone. Nope. Just something about tearing meat off a bone with your teeth and hearing the tendons rip. Ugh...

5. I have OCD! After I clean I have to put every picture frame, every decoration back in the exact same spot. If it's turned even a slight bit from its original position, it drives me insane. And yep, I'm the girl who straightens the crooked photos on the wall at your house.

6. One of my secret obsessions is "The Hills" on MTV. Kind of embarrassed to admit it... but a new season starts up tonight and I'm already counting down, ha!

7. I have a little bit of a photographic memory. If I'm recalling something from a book that I'm reading, I can remember which side of the page and how far down the page it occurred.

8. I do not like to shop. At all. Hate malls like the plague.

9. I can't leave the house without mascara on. Anybody who's seen me without mascara on knows why :)

10. I am always "typing" with my fingers, either physically or in my head. I'm always spelling out conversations or song lyrics. And the craziest thing is that I'm counting the letters, and always try to go for an even number of letters in a sentence or phrase. If it's not even, I go back and "re-type" it until I'm convinced it can't be worked out right. Crazy, huh?

So there you are. If you read this blog, you're officially "tagged" and you have to do it too. I can't be the only one who shares her quirks with the world! :)

-JessWill :)

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