Thursday, January 18, 2007

Five Things, continued

Okay, so I received another fun survey and thought this would be a good way to answer it. Besides, I know my friends are sick of receiving these kinds of things from me over email. Yup.

So here it goes:


1) Shave my legs - my poor husband! I usually don't do that until the weekends because I could use that extra four minutes in the morning to sleep. And believe me, that extra four minutes makes all the difference. Cuz I am NOT a morning person. And again, I say - my poor husband!
2) Bring my lunch - I slept in late this morning (ugh!) so I didn't have time to stop in the kitchen on my way out the door. Luckily I have about 27 Lean Pockets in the freezer at work, from all those other days that Burger King or Arby's sounded better. Sometimes being a (former) fast-food-a-holic IS a good thing!
3) Bring a movie to a coworker to borrow that I've been promising for a week - I swear, I need to start setting everything out at night before bed because in the morning, the only two words that I can focus on are "shower" and "keys".
4) Mail a card to a friend - I was going to stick it in the mailbox before I left for work this morning, but... well, please refer to numbers 2 and 3.
5) It's only noon, so luckily anything else that may have slipped my mind before now will come to me before I go to sleep tonight. Unless, of course, it involves me making any sort of effort in the morning.


1) An airplane - so I would never have to pay American Airlines or Continental to fly me to Texas again.
2) A pilot - well, please refer to number 1. I don't think having a big jumbo jet parked at the airport will do me much good.
3) A new house - closer to the city, with enough rooms for all the kids that we can now afford to have since money doesn't matter. Also a pool, a guest house, and a bad-ass kitchen. Oh, and a whirlpool tub and a... Well, you get the point.
4) Brad Pitt - only so I can watch him clean our new, aforementioned pool. With no shirt on. Actually, now that I think about it, let's go with a naked Brat Pitt cleaning my pool. Why? Because I can.
5) A new computer - I'm sick of having to restart our current computer every time we want to get on the internet. It kind of defeats the purpose of having high-speed internet if it takes you 19 minutes to restart every time, huh?


1) Pangkor Island, Malaysia - cuz it rocks. And last time I went I forgot to buy the all-important shotglass to commemorate my trip. And a trip isn't a trip without a shotglass.
2) New York City - it's definitely on my list of places to see. And since I'm assuming cost doesn't matter on this one either (just because I like it that way) we'd stay near Central Park and see every Broadway show we could squeeze in. Oh, and bump into Matthew McConaughey a few times on Fifth Avenue.
3) The beach, any beach - because it's so darn cold here right now, the thought of being some place warm makes me happy. Not the thought of being in a bathing suit in public, of course, but I think sun trumps cellulite.
4) The church where my parents were married - it's always been on my list of places to visit, but every time we're in Houston we're busy with something else. They met there and sang in the choir there and did who-knows-what-else there - it'd be nice to see where the whole thing started.
5) Dallas - to tuck my nephew Quentin in to bed tonight. Cuz I miss him so much and I just want to see him again. Oh, and to see Erica and Joe too. Sorry guys, but now that he's here you're at the bottom of the list. I hate it for ya, but that's just how it's gonna be.

That was fun. If you have a blog, copy this quiz and answer it for yourself. And if you don't - well, email me your answers. I can't wait to see what everyone else will say. Pretty please!?! Come on, how can you deny a girl something as simple as this?? (I mean, I already know I'm not gonna get Brad Pitt - the least you could do is make it up to me by answering a stupid quiz).

Um, yeah.

-JessWill :)

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