Friday, March 30, 2012

A "Funny" for the Week

I decided to blog about one of my favorite Andrew moments this week, because it's representative of the stage we are in with him right now. And to be honest, I'm also afraid that if I don't write it down, it will die a slow death in the part of my brain where I'm also supposed to remember how to change a flat tire and what it used to be like to blow dry my hair every day.

But I digress...

This past Monday afternoon, Andrew and I had our weekly visit with our dear Granny, the woman who kept Andrew in her home for the first 14 months of his life. Andrew adores his Granny, and she is smitten with him. We had a fabulous visit and I lost track of the time. We left about the time Andrew and I are usually sitting down to dinner.

As I buckled Andrew into his seat for the 5-minute drive home, he started saying, "I eat! I eat!" which I know is code for: "I'm hungry, Momma, you better feed me NOW!" I told him that we were having hot dogs for dinner, and that he would be eating a yummy plate of food in just a few more minutes.

We had our usual chat on the way home, saying "Wheee!" as we drove down one particular hill on the way to our house, and he kept his eye out for the "Boooooons!" (aka balloons) that an apartment complex keeps tied to their front gate. [Side note: my genius child knows exactly where each of these places are along the drive, and starts yelling each phrase just seconds before each are upon us. Yes I know it's not unique, but in my case, I get to call my kid a genius for it. So there.]

All of a sudden he yelled out, "I eat DOG! I eat DOG!" and I nearly had to pull over I was laughing so hard. I kept saying, "Um, no honey, we're going to eat a HOT dog," but he was unconvinced. He knew he was saying it just right, and I think he said it another 50 times before we made it home.

The grin on my kid's face was priceless as he dug into his turkey hot dog (and strawberries and yogurt and peas), as he kept repeating the phrase over and over again. I even called Lance mid-meal so Andrew could tell Daddy, "I eat DOG!" while I snickered just a little bit more.

This may be a silly thing to want to record for posterity, but it is one I hope to remember for a long time. Our sweet, loving, funny boy is back (our harrowing weeks-long parade of timeouts and "No!" and hitting and biting have seemingly come to an end, knock on wood). Andrew has made Lance and me laugh out loud on several occasions recently, and because this was unintentional on his part didn't make it any less precious to me.

Andrew, Momma loves you so very much. I pray I always take the time to remember these little moments with you. After all, it's the small things that make the big picture so amazingly beautiful.

PS: because it's always more fun to end with a photo, enjoy this one of Andrew finally "figuring out" how to wear Momma's sunglasses after school one day :) He was oh-so proud of himself and of course, had no idea why they kept slipping off of his nose!
Can you tell he's started saying "cheese!" when I take his picture now? :)

Kisses kisses, my sweet boy!

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