Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What'll It Be??

So... the official countdown has begun! Only two more weeks until we find out whether our precious baby is a boy or girl!!

Everyone keeps asking me if I have a "feeling" one way or the other. Nope, no mother's intuition yet for me.

It's not a surprise to most people who know me that I've always wanted to have a daughter, so I would be thrilled to hear "girl!" But I would be equally excited to have a son. I've watched my sister Erica raise her precious son Quentin, and have fallen head-over-heels in love with him! I love how much a little boy loooooves his Momma!

Whatever God has in store for us, we are just excited to finally know! I'm ready to start saying "he" or "she" instead of "it." We haven't bought any baby things yet (although we've received two precious baby gifts - thanks Erica/Joe and Allison/Justin!) so once we know one way or the other, we'll start seriously looking into baby furniture and bedding.

It will be such a momentous day for Lance and me! Up until now, December 2nd has been our most life-changing day so far (the day we found out we were pregnant!) but I have a feeling that the day we find out the sex of our first child, that will overtake the top of the list.

We know how truly blessed we are - except for some pretty rough morning sickness, this has been a trouble-free pregnancy so far! We know God has His hand in this and we are thankful each and every day for the gift of this baby. We try not to take it for granted, as we know many people who are struggling with fertility issues right now.

I'll be coming back to share the news as soon as we know! Please be in prayer for our precious baby until we get to see him or her on the ultrasound screen again in two short weeks!

Until next time...
-JessWill :)

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Carrie said...

Hey! Just checked your blog for the first time in a long time---so glad to see you writing again!! Can't wait to find out if Baby Willis will be wearing pink or blue!